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We develop high quality scientific content for the promotion of pharmaceutical products that is never tossed away by the health professional.

Our product range is unlimited. Based on the beauty of the illustrations, added to our team of Medical Writers and advertising creatives, we can face any project that you need.

Our Products

Check out these videos of some of our special products:

Vademecum 3D Thermoformed Desk Pedestals

Magic Window, Miscellaneous Samples

Embossed cards and pedestals in A4 and A5 formats.

Self-assembly Anatomy

Embossed 3D Desktop Pyramid

Lenticular Accordion, with Tables and Images

Lenticular Desk Pedestal

Mini Cards

Discs – Information Wheels

Our Information Wheels allow you to rotate a wheel and combine information and images providing accurate and brief information on various pathologies.


Anatomical and pathological posters.

The high precision, exceptional beauty and superior quality of our illustrations make our graphics the best tool for understanding the complexity of different organs, systems and pathologies.

Flip Charts

The flipchart consists of approximately 6 full-color pages coverd with beautiful illustrations intended to provide a detailed description of a specific pathology.


Our foldable format is a small scientific publication containing from 4 to 12 pages.

Patient Booklets

These colourful and easy-to-understand booklets that have been specifically designed to inform patients with a creative and practical approach to different pathologies.

Tear Pads

Our Tear Pads are specially designed for doctors to graphically explain a particular disease or condition to their patients, and then hand them a sheet with recommendations.

Pocket Books

More than 50 Pocket Books, 100% focused on pharmaceutical promotion with an average of 100 pages, illustrated in color, written by well-known doctors from U.S., Spain, United Kingdom and Canada.


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