Nuestros perros


The evolution of domestic dogs is about 300,000 years ago. The canis is descended from the wolf, which became Canis lupus till turning into the currently known domestic dog about 12,000 years ago. Apparently, the process of domestication of wild dogs dates from the ice age (approximately 40,000 years ago), when these dogs lived on leftover bits of food that humans discarded. Greyhounds and Mastiff were the first domesticated dogs, thanks to Egipts and to Asians. The breeds we currently know have existed since the period of the Roman Empire, where Greyhounds and Mastiff played a main role in hunting, and fights and war, respectively. Some written testimonials such as the one by Petronius (Latin author of “Satyricon”), which made reference to the notices cautioning strangers, and in which the legend “cave canem” (caution dog) could be read, already existed at those times. While the canine species has evolved throughout history, the wolf tended to disappear in such areas as Europe and Asia, or is endangered, as is the case in Africa. The African wild dog is not considered a dog but a member of the lycaon family, which encompasses animals that live in groups and communicate by means of special movements and sounds, and that feed on prey animals.