Collectable Supplement “Our Dogs”

Pets have opened up a huge market within society. Nowadays, their owners pay more attention to their pets than to themselves.

This product describes the most typical characteristics of each canine breed, its classification and health issues.

It contains 66 charts, 56 for the description of each one of the breeds, 7 with the “Groups of breeds” according to the standards of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), and 3 focused on diseases, nutrition and vaccination. Each chart has an inviting “collectable” attitude that will help increasing the readership and increasing profits through advertisement.

About us

Anejo is a medical publishing company dedicated exclusively to the production of scientific content aimed at different markets, including newspapers. Our products can be found in more than 40 countries and translated into Spanish, Turkish, German, Arabic, Greek, Portuguese and English. We have more than 600 “Health Supplements” with the best illustrations that describe almost all diseases of the human body. As well as products about pets, for example the “Our Dogs” supplement. The use of health charts and supplements in building readers loyalty is already a classic tool used around the world. Even more so for those who know that “catching readers” is more than just a marketing saying.

56 fantastically defined breeds

56 complete cards for the description of each one of the breeds

7 cards with the “Groups of breeds” according to the standards of the FCI

Three health charts

Dermatological Alterations

Canine Nutrition

Diseases and Vaccines

Multiple Platforms

Traditional Paper Format


The Canine Column

We adapt the content to the client’s layout

PDF Format for Desktop PC

Mobile Devices Compatible Format

Collectable Supplement “Our Dogs”

“Groups of breeds” according to the standards of the FCI


The range of sponsors goes from food brands, medicine, day care centers to health centers, etc.


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