About us

Our company is devoted to the design of promotional material for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our products are designed to be informative, and doctors often use them as visual aids to explain the pathologies of their patients.

Capturing a doctor’s attention is crucial; our products have a fixation effect and remain foremost in the viewer’s mind.

Our main office is in South America and our products are sold throughout more than forty countries and in more than ten different languages.

All our products are delivered by Internet, allowing us to conduct business quickly and efficiently throughout the world.

What is Anejo Health Communications?

We create high quality content to enhance health promotional marketing programs intended for advertising, publishing, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

What does Anejo provide?

It provides you with files and grants you the use of copyrighted production. As a result, after printing the work you have selected from among our wide range of products, you will be able to launch your advertising campaign.

How can I purchase?

Select a product from among those posted on our web site, then complete the Quote Request Form, etc (See Steps to Follow). Our local representatives will immediately give you a call or send you an e-mail.

How does Anejo deliver the material?

As soon as you agree on our terms and conditions, we will upload high resolution files of the requested products into a server, from which you will be able to download the material in a couple of hours

Where does Anejo operate?

Our products are intended to companies in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide and they are translated into different languages. Currently, they are being marketed in more than forty countries, and in more than ten languages.

If you are interested in representing Anejo Heath Communications in your country, please complete our “Quotation Form” or send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.