Physical Products

Anatomic and Pathologic Charts

The high accuracy, outstanding beauty and superior quality of our illustrations make our charts the best tool to understand the complexity of the different organs, systems and diseases.

Flip Charts

Flip Charts consists of approximately 6 full-colour mini charts depicting beautiful illustrations aimed at providing a detailed description of a specific pathology.

Mini Atlases

Our Miniatlases are small-sized scientific publications containing from 4 to 12 pages.

Patient Educational Booklets

Easy-to-understand, colorful booklets have been specifically designed to inform patients of a creative and practical approach to different pathologies.

Shaped Books

Our hard, colorful shaped books provide accurate and brief information about several different pathologies.

Information Wheels

Our Information Wheels can provide accurate and brief information about various pathologies.

Tear Pads

Our Tear Pads have been particularly designed for doctors to graphically explain to their patients about a particular disease or condition.

Pocket Books

Over 25 pocket guides, 100% focused on pharmaceutical promotion with an average of 100 color illustrated pages, written by renowned doctors from USA, UK and Canada. © HC-HealthComm