How we work

Let’s take an example: a Product Manager dealing with Gastroenterology and working for a pharmaceutical company, ABCPharma, who would like to promote a new product with the chart Helicobacter Pylori.

  1. You visit our web site
  2. You choose the product that suits you best according to your company’s needs (Charts, Atlases, Visual Aids, Folding Displays, Spiral Bound Charts etc).
  3.  You complete the Quote Request Form.
  4.  A local representative of Anejo Health Communications will contact you and will propose you the alternative ways from which you will be able to choose the promotional material that suits you best.
  5. As soon as the PM from the pharmaceutical company agrees with the quote, we send you a file containing the chosen chart so that it can be evaluated in detail by consulting physicians from your company. They will either approve or adapt the chart to the company’s promotional conditions.
  6.  Once the product is adapted to the requirements of the company, product logos are included.
  7. We send you a final model of the chart for its approval.
  8. Promotional material is printed in your country.

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