Láminas Anatómicas y Patológicas

The high accuracy, outstanding beauty and superior quality of our illustrations make our charts the best tool to understand the complexity of the different organs, systems and diseases.

As a means to promote pharmaceutical products, these charts have become essential aids for studying, teaching, and training, as well as for educating patients in Europe, the USA, Central and South America, and the Eastern countries.

Charts can be printed in their standard size (22,1″ x 28,1″), and also in different sizes, as they can be edited to meet your requirements.

Since illustrations are made by ourselves, we can absolutely satisfy your customers’ needs regarding health communications.

Láminas de Anatomía

Láminas del Sistema Circulatorio

Láminas de Odontología

Láminas de Dermatología

Láminas de Endocrinología

Láminas de Gastroenterología

Láminas de Ginecología

Láminas de Enfermedades Infecciosas


Láminas de Neurología

Láminas de Oncología

Láminas de Oftalmología

Láminas de Dolor

Láminas de Pediatría

Láminas de Farmacología

Láminas del Sistema Respiratorio

Láminas de Traumatología y Reumatología

Láminas de Urología

Láminas de Nutrición